White Horse - Bunky Echo-Hawk Artist Series Bat

Artist Notes: "This bat features an image of White Horse, a Pawnee Scout from the 1800s. It also features the four sacred colors, and an iconic Indigenous gas mask image. It illustrates the fact that now, just as then, we are fighting for basic human rights for our communities. Then, the fight was to protect our access to our land. Now, itʼs about protecting the environment of the land we have left." - Bunky Echo-Hawk (Pawnee/Yakama)

These bats were painted live at Warstic's 2018 Tulsa Sandlot game. A portion of the auction proceeds will go to the American Indian Stic Warriors Fund, and used to benefit the Mose YellowHorse Memorial Field in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Currently residing in Pawnee, Bunky Echo-Hawk is an internationally known visual artist whose work is featured in gallery and museum exhibitions throughout the U.S. and overseas. Widely collected, his paintings are held in numerous private, public, corporate, non-profit and Tribal collections. He has worked with Nike, serving as the Design Consultant for the Nike N7 line since 2011, and recently partnered with Pendleton Woolen Mills to create a blanket for the American Indian College Fund. Through his art and strategic partnerships, he has aided in raising millions of dollars for Indian Country.

View larger images of the bats HERE

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