Kimchi Bonanza from Sinto Gourmet

There is an old saying in Korea: Sinto buri. It is written 'μ‹ ν† λΆˆμ΄' in Korean and literally translates to 'body and soil can not be separated.' Sinto buri means our bodies and spirits are at their best when eating foods that grow on the soil we step on. In Korea it is used to emphasize the importance of local food and where food comes from. At Sinto Gourmet we integrate sinto buri into all the food we prepare and everything we do. -Chef HyunJoo, Sinto Gourmet, SF

We met HyunJoo Albrecht, the creator of a wondrous world of kimchi products when we interviewed her for our Hidden Kitchens NPR story “Kimchi Diplomacy.”  HyunJoo told us stories of the tradition of kimchi making and kimchi season in Korea. She also gave us a taste of her bounty. Now she’s sharing it with you. A selection of her 4 kimchis — Spicy Red Napa Cabbage, Spicy Radish, Mild White Napa Cabbage, and ‘Plenty Roots’ Kimchi — along with her new Gochu Jang, the fermented hot pepper paste that has a history of over 1000 years. All her kimchi’s are made with non-gmo products, HyunJoo wants to make sure you know that.

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