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It costs $25,000 to deploy a full team to South America. We have been approached in the past about the possibility of being a part of the "Experience" even though they had no background in medicine, but wanted to be a part of something even bigger than themselves. 

Not everyone has been able to or have had the chance to push their personal limits and become a part of Special Forces Medical Team, but always wanted to know how the comradery felt like. 

This will be our first experiece offered to the general public, we did meet one of our donors at Volcano De Fuego last year and he was blown away to say the least. As its expressed;

"You wont understand it, unitl your feet hit the ground". Being there, engulfed in the jungles, the colors, the sounds of the birds singing, the boats engines roaring up the river in the Amazon, the indigenous peoples appreciation and the entire experience, is indeed... Priceless! 

If you donate a minimum of $25,000, a cost of a deployment, you will be welcomed as a Team Member and we will:

1. Provide all the necessary gear that you will need from our sponsors. You will have same T5 uniforms, equipment and rotate through the team members daily. 

2. Provide all your meals, travel within the country including any flights, boats, buses etc, including lodging. 

3. Provide a sherpa to carry your gear, setup you tent or hut and assist with anything you may need if necessary. 

4. Hvae you join us in clinics, surgery as an observer. 

5. Help us hand out donated items like Luminaid lights, sunglasses, toothbrushes and such.

6. Help us pre-register the patients, learn to take vital signs, sit with the practitioners when running clinics/ultrasounds and get hands on experience in the most remote and awesome places on Earth. 


  • Must be 21 years of age. 
  • Must be physically fit to hike atleast 1 hour
  • Must have a medical release from doctor
  • Must not have severe food allergies
  • Must be a TEAM PLAYER and remember your there to help...
  • Cannot have motion sickness
  • Must have all imminuzations up to date

Disclaimer: Team 5 Admin will decide which missions are safe for this experience. At anytime you violate the team rules you will sign and agree to, it will be your cost for repatriation. Our deployments are non-religous and non-political, so persoanl beliefs must not be brought to the mission. You will have 5 years to use this experience/donation. It can be granted to another person who qualifies. 

This is a Tax Deductible Donation. Its a ONCE IN A LIFE EXPERIENCE. 

Items ship only after payment is cleared by bank. Please give at-least 2 weeks for shipping as some will ship directly from manufacturer. Any FFL items will follow state and federal laws. Its your responsibility to know if you are legally allowed to purchase restricted firearms. Do not bid if you are a convicted felon, have a domestic violence charge or mentally unstable. All sales are final. All warranties/exchanges will be through product manufacturer.  Thank you for your donation. 

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