Konrad Bartelski Photo, "The Crown"

This spectacular photo was taken by acclaimed mountain and ski photographer, Konrad Bartelski, and is part of a run of just 8.

It is wonderfully large, 72 x 48 inches, printed on Gilcée Fine Art Canson’s Platine Fibre Rag and mounted on Diabond.

Konrad says: "How many photographs have there been taken of the famed summit? If I spend a week in this wondrous massif I will return with over a thousand plus images of the beautiful scenery. Yet this day it was dank in the valley and a quiet slow day was expected. So unusually, I took a larger and much heavier lens whilst we skied on the Grand Montets. As we came off the top of one of the lifts, I saw some sunlight breaking through the muddy sky and stopped to compose seven photographs. The only ones that I took the whole grey day. And I only noticed the skiers below the Aiguille du Midi cable car station in the production process of this large print at Genesis Imaging. The first edition of this large print now resides in the Howden Family Contemporary Art Collection in the RK Harrison offices in the City of London."

“I felt captivated and realised that really each frame of a photo on our mountain journeys is in its own right defining moments frozen in time. Wow”

Graham Austick UIAGM International Mountain Guide, Owner the Lyngen Lodge, the Arctic, Norway.

Konrad Bartelski began his photography at school and that continued throughout his career as an Olympic athlete. In the 70's and 80's, Konrad was Great Britain’s pioneering downhill racer, competing in three Olympic Winter Games, becoming the first British male to stand on a World Cup podium.

Subsequently, Konrad worked for ESPN in the UK, launching of a number of ESPN’s new channels in the UK and Europe. 

Over the last decade Konrad has pursued his intense passion for skiing and exploring the extremities of the globe, from the Arctic to Antarctica; always carrying a heavy camera while climbing the expansive and remote white wilderness.

In a world that is now so much smaller due to the modern technology and also a very rapidly expanding population, Konrad endeavours to capture the perspective and emotion of space and tranquility, that is so much the heartbeat of our planet. It is such a valuable asset that is increasingly under threat and in decline. 

When he was born 2.9 billion people populated the planet earth. This has now exploded to over 7.6 billion in just six decades; hence space and its soothing tranquility, is sadly rapidly diminishing. 
And yet it’s one of our most valuable assets. 

Kindly donated by Konrad Bartelski

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