Pine Island by Deborah Elaine (5x7)

Pine Island can be seen at Brooksville City Hall on Howell Avenue

Deborah was introduced to watercolor in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1985. It quickly became her favorite medium upon her next move to Virginia where she met her friend and mentor Johnny Johnson who introduced her to the watercolor pouring method. Filled with excitement, she developed her own style by creating an abstract design focusing on looseness and making these paintings ablaze with color and brilliance. Then magic occurred when she noticed the manifestation of a subject matter in one of the abstracts. The connection that brought forth her style of intertwining the abstract with the surreal element. She says that finding her subject matter is similar to "laying in plush grass, gazing into clouds and seeing everchanging shapes appear." Many of the images that would appear are from her love of nature and wildlife. Her career blossomed with her newfound style and won many awards in Fredricksburg, Virginia, and in Florida.



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