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Choosing a wedding suit is an important task that any groom must spend time and effort to learn. Although it is not easy to choose for yourself a satisfactory wedding suit, this is not an impossible task either.

Below, we will introduce to you 6 golden rules when choosing a groom's wedding suit. With these 6 principles, you will always choose the right, satisfactory and trendy wedding suits. Let's find out together!

Determine which vest is right for you

There is nothing worse than blindly rushing to the shop’s wedding suit without predetermining your own wishes as well as scouring the market to see what options are right for you.

Determine the type you wear vest wedding yet

There are three types of wedding vests you need to distinguish before you search for a vest store:

- Type vest wedding ready-to-wear: this is the type of vest sewn on the default form, also known as vest wedding-ready. With this style of wedding vest, you just need to try it on at the store without having to tailor it.

- Type vest wedding made-to-measure: vest wedding this sort is a kind of tailored suit, with your measurements will be adjusted on a sewing frame available. Therefore, it will take a little time for you to have a satisfactory wedding suit.

- Type vest wedding bespoke: is handmade and tailored suit all your measurements are measured correctly. This is considered the most fashionable "tailor-made" vest, but it will cost you a lot of time and money.

Unless you can find an extremely talented tailor worthy of the cost and time spent, choosing a ready-made wedding suit is still the best option in terms of cost, time, and durability for the groom. future.

Choosing a wedding suit must not overwhelm the bride

Of course, the wedding day is a big day for two people, not just the bride, so the groom also needs to be the focus of the wedding ceremony.

However, if choosing a wedding suit that is too "gorgeous" and flashy or cumbersome, overshadowing the beautiful bride next to it is definitely a big failure.

Choose a wedding suit that won't "sink"

Certainly, on the wedding day, you will not be the only one wearing a suit. Therefore, make sure that you choose a wedding suit that is elegant but not too low, too casual or "safe", lest the groom - the main character of the party - turns out to be the best man or dozens of people. Other men were present at the ceremony.

If you have a groomsman, choose designs that have the same design but different colors. As for your suit, you can choose a wedding vest with outstanding colors or dominant motifs, or combine an additional accessory such as a small flower lapel on the neck, a scarf to "identify".

Show subtle taste with meticulous wedding vest designs

Usually, grooms are easily overwhelmed by other factors when choosing a wedding suit such as choosing a style, color, choosing accessories to coordinate, etc., but forget that, with the wedding vest itself, if you are a little observant, You will get a unique, sophisticated and trendy wedding suit.

You can refer to the handmade details that make your wedding vest "more valuable", helping to elevate your look without having to worry too much about accompanying accessories such as watches or accessories. expensive.

Choosing a wedding vest must also choose the fabric material

Besides the color and design, the vest fabric is an important factor in making a beautiful and expensive vest. In addition, you must also pay attention to choosing the right materials according to the season, suitable materials for different types of wedding vests.

You need to know that the easiest vest material for all four seasons of the year is wool. This is the safest material for all men's suits because the wool fabric is very light, retains heat, or dissipates heat well when combined with clothes.

The wool surface is treated with hopsack or herringbone weave to add depth to your wedding suit.

In addition to wool, you can choose cotton material for spring, summer, and autumn; Or choose linen material for summer or early autumn. The materials felt, velvet… will be the perfect choice for cold days.

Always have a second wedding suit to change

First, you cannot guarantee that the suit worn on the wedding day will not get dirty or encounter similar problems. For example, if you accidentally drop wine, cake, or other food on your wedding suit, will you wear the same dirty suit all day?

Second, if the official wedding day doesn't last until late at night or there are more "after parties", then you still need an extra wedding suit to wear on the day of the wedding procession or the day of the theater. Do not reduce the value of your image by wearing only one wedding suit from the day of the wedding photography, the date of the wedding, the day of the theater to the day of the official wedding.

If you are concerned about cost, the current ready-to-wear wedding suits are affordable, with diverse designs and trendy colors giving you countless easy options for your wedding day.

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