"New Rock: Terra Era" by Dror

Buildings swell without concern.

Resources are extruded, exhausted, eradicated.

It is time to end our disruption of the landscape.

It is time to rethink, reimagine, rebirth.

It is time for a new terrain.

It is time for a new era.

It is time for a movement.

It is time to answer our elemental calling.

It is time to return to nature.

A new nature. A super nature.

The boundary between earth and artifice disappears.

Nature, science, technology and design fuse.

A new symbiotic system is born.

An ever-changing organism that we care for, as it does for us.

That shapes, shifts, soars to meet our evolving needs.

Community is no longer he, she.

Community is all things alive.


Dror is a holistic design practice.

We are driven by ideas.
We imagine without limits.
We experiment without fear.

We create objects, installations, architecture.
We create poetry in structure.

Please note that all works are shipped at the buyer's expense. There is a New York Metropolitan Area standard fee of $30 for delivery. Otherwise, picking up your work is encouraged.

Payment can be made via credit card or check. All checks can be made to:

Storefront for Art and Architecture
Attn: Jinny Khanduja
611 Broadway, Suite 634
New York, NY 10012

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